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Welcome to business friendly Wyoming!

Registered Agent service, Incorporation and mailing services in Wyoming for the entitier world-wide since 1982

1005 Country Club Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001

Form a Corporation, LLC, L3C, or Trust
Apostilles for non-U.S. Corporations included at no extra charge.
All filings are expedited by us by filing personallly with the Secretary of State and with some exceptions, can be executed in 3 to 5 working days. This service also includes the forwarding of up to 20 First Class letters per year and the use of our physical address as the home address for the company in Wyoming.

This includes the following services:
1. Preparation of all documents (our documents are designed to also act as the initial by-laws or Operating Agreement of the company.)
2. Filing complition with Registered documents within 3 to 5 working days.
3. First year of Registered Agent service and the forwarding of up to 20 First Class letter per year.
4. E-mail copy of the Registered documents within one working day.
5. Forwarding of completed documents via U.S. Priority mail.

Wyoming now has "on-line" filing. However, we don't recommend it for the following reasons:
1. Too prone to fraud.
2. Too subject to mistakes.
3.  WY forms include only the bare essentials in the documents. Our forms also act as your initial By-Laws or Operating agreement. (For example, if you want to open a checking account).

If you still wish to filed on-line we would be happy to act as your Registered Agent. Please contact us at

Virtual Offices available for 950.00 per year

This includes the following services:
Local Wyoming Street address
Mail forwarding for up to 20 First Class mail pieces (expanded mail service available for more than 20 pieces)
Local Wyoming phone number with voice mail accesable 24/7

The top ten 10 reasons to organize in Wyoming
1. No state income taxes. 2. No franchise taxes. 3. Nominee directors allowed. 4. Low maintenance costs. 5. Quick easy and convenient. 6. Wyoming provides all members/stockholders and officers with liability protection except for fraud. 6. Protection of the United States government at any U.S. embassy. 7. Wyoming allows all corporation foreign names as corporation or LLC names. 8. We file all documents directly with the Wyoming Secretary of State and registrations take 3 to 5 working days with few exceptions. We also keep you informed at every step on the way.

We offer a full range of corporation services including:
Incorporation, Registeed Agent service,  Nominee Director, Apostille services,
Check with us on prices, because they often change, depending on the job.

Methods of payment: All major credit cards (via PayPal), wire transfers (including Swift wire) ACH wire transfers and company checks.

Welcome to our new companies:
CBD Life Brands, Inc.
Ocean Partners, LLC

Disclaimer: We do NOT offer legal advice. We are a paralegal company and offer our service to those who have already done their OWN legal research wit hte aid of lawyers and other financial consutants.